Our experience in catering allows us to offer you the best and most unique service you can find in Los Ageles. Over the past years, we successfully built a reputation as a fast, delicious, authentic and reliable business. Our dedication, customer service and attention to details led us to work with some of the most reputable high end companies, Studios, wedding planners, charities ect... We love working with our customers to make their event an unforgettable experience. Contact us to start planning your next event!

Friday orders must be placed before Wednesday noon

Saturday orders must be placed before Thursday noon

Sunday orders must be placed before Friday noon


  • Mini Fruit Tartelette (Raspberry, Mixed Berries, Lemon, Pine nuts, Strawberry)

  • Mini Eclairs (Chocolate, Vanilla, Coffee)

  • Mini Chocolate Fondant

  • Mini Charlotte Verrines 

  • Mini Croissants 

  • Mini Almonds Croissants 

  • Mini Chocolate Croissants 

  • Mini Chocolate Almond Croissants 

  • Chouquettes

  • Financiers



  • Roasted Chicken Crudites Baguette Sandwich  

  • Herb Roasted Turkey Gouda Baguettes Sandwich

  • Tuna Pate Crudites Baguettes Sandwich

  • Salmon Boursin Baguettes Sandwich

  • Brie/Avocado Baguettes Sandwich

  • Quiche

  • Mini Quiche

  • Caprese Salad

  • Mixed Green salad With Mustard Dressing 


*Approx. Baguettes Sandwich size options: 11 inch, 6,5 inch, 3,5 inch


  • Fraisier (Size options 8inch - 10 inch

  • Charlotte (Raspberry, Pear, Mixed Berries, Strawberry (Size options: 8 inch - 10 inch)

  • Galette Des Rois - King's Cake (12 inch)

  • Chocolate Fondant (Size options: 10 inch - 12 inch)
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