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Mission Statement


"Bringing our French touch to your block, One pastry, one coffee, one sandwich at a time"

At Lou The French On The Block, our mission is simple:

To offer you the best culinary experience possible through our authentic and delicious French products.

Our food is prepared with veritable ingredients guaranteeing you the best quality, along with the utmost care and dedication you would expect from any high end traditional French bakery.

We don’t just want you to eat our food

we want you to enjoy it!

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About Us

Their story started in 2012 when they arrived in Los Angeles with a vision and a dream: To bring their French culture & tradition to America by establishing their very own French bakery.

Two years after having started off making pastries for the French School of Les LILA,  in 2014 Chef Laurent "Lou" & Karima opened a very successful catering company "Chef Laurent & K" which operated all across the Los Angeles area.

After being established, yet not to the point they wanted, Chef "Lou" and his wife Karima finally opened in 2016 their very own French Patisserie/coffee shop in the Burbank, Toluca Lake area: 

Lou The French On The Block.

Having their roots in Paris, they take pride in transmitting their rich French heritage and savoir faire through their delicious pastries, sandwiches & cakes.

Whether you are French and missing your home bakery, or just have a knack for mouth watering products, at Lou The French On The Block, you will find what you seek.

Their wide array of products, made with love and passion combined with their welcomeness, create a unique environment guaranteed to provide you with the best experience possible.

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